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Posted By Chalkbrd

The alarm rings.  You roll over and turn it off, and before your feet hit the floor, your brain starts running through the new day's events.

Let's see, is everything ready for your first hour class?  Did you copy that quiz they are having today?  What about that draft story for your last hour class?  Is it ready to go yet?

Sometimes it's hard as a teacher to keep in mind everything you have to do for the day.  It almost seems like our feet are on the run before they even touch the floor.  Add to that a family or church responsibilities or other activities you're involved in and a teacher's life can sometimes seem almost too busy to breathe.

But if we can take a moment to step back and look at our tasks for the day, we might see something we haven't noticed before.  All those little "must-do" items we have on our list are not really the goals we have.  They are merely tools we'll use to reach our goals, steps as it were along the daily path to making our goals a reality.

Take a moment or two and remember your goals: to move your students closer to the goal of fluency in another language.  Few goals worthwhile are achieved in one day.  Most goals are the result of long-term hard work and perseverance, and fluency is certainly one of them.

So as you face today's challenges, remember that you're not in this for a short sprint, but a long term marathon.  Pace yourself and keep your focus, and you'll be a winner in the end, even if you're not the first to cross the line.  Don't let the flurry of activity around you push you faster than you know is wise.  When it comes to acquiring another language, repetition and comprehension are the keys -- and it takes a good deal of patience to accomplish either of those well.

Consider each repetition and each glint of comprehension in their eyes as a cheer from the sidelines to keep focusing on your goal, one step at a time.