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Posted By Chalkbrd

This morning I thought I'd do a bit of tweeting research and figured I'd share what I found.  What are kids thinking about their Spanish teachers?  I've listed a few current tweets from unknown students below.

Not everyone is going to like my class, and that I'll never be able to change because some comments kids make about me are about things that are out of my control.  But some of them are things I can check in myself today.

Every so often I try to step back and look at myself through the eyes of a student.  Do I have habits that might be considered annoying?  (I still remember Mr. L in junior high who continuously clicked a pen against his leg during his lectures...fortunately, he fell into the category of the first tweet below so we tolerated Am I adding energy into our lessons or would I fall into the monotone category today?  Did I do anything today that made a student feel they were stupid?  (I remember a college Spanish class where the professor made me feel stupid in front of everyone for not knowing the meaning of mentir.)

I'm not picking on Spanish teachers (especially being one, but I was just wondering what my students used to tweet about me.  Some days I'm sure it wasn't that great.  Maybe I should have stepped back a bit more and reminded myself what it was like to be a student.

Maybe if I had, I might have had more tweets about me like that last one.

"He is seriously so cute!"

"Hates monotone people"

"RT @TSD: Hates monotone people"

"Lol school sucks and everyone thinks its funny to be sarcastic with me #spanishteacher #peoplethinkimstupid"

"Yesterday you wore black and brown and today you're wearing black and blue #spanishteacher #getwithit Hahaha I know!"

"I hate dealing with this lady, she annoys me #spanishteacher"

"BH is the best #spanishteacher ever"

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